Tokai LS2 FVF Plaintop

Artikelnummer: 125

Specs. Tokai Reborn Old, LS2 Customshop Book matched solid Canadian hard rock maple top Two pcs. body African mahogany One pcs. neck African mahogany Open book headstock shape Long tenon Rosewood fret board Vintage Celluloid fret board inlays Weight 3.816 kg. High gloss polished jumbo frets (Nickelsilver) Faber Germany hardware Alpha pots Switchcraft jacks Orange drops Belden wire '50s style wiring Faber Concerto Classico Pickups extremely thin PU-lacquer selected 5A-class mahogany - max. weight 3950 gram! (8 lb and 9.5685 oz) Lifton '59 Reissue case Certificate of authenticity (COA) Certificate of CITES


Fr. 1910,52

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