Tokai LS1-R7 GT, Reborn Old

Artikelnummer: 11022

  Tokai LP Standard, Plaintop, Mahogany back, Maple top, Mahogany neck,


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Specs. Tokai Reborn Old, LS1 Customshop 


?        Book matched solid Canadian hard rock maple top

?        One pcs. body African mahogany

?        One pcs. neck African mahogany

?        Open book headstock shape

?        Long tenon

?        Rosewood fret board

?        Fret edge binding!

?        Vintage Celluloid fret board inlays

?        LS-1 ID on 12th fret board inlay

?        High gloss polished jumbo frets (Nickelsilver)

?        Faber Germany hardware

?        CTS pots

?        Switchcraft jacks

?        Orange drops

?        Belden wire

?        ?50s style wiring

?        extremely thin semi-gloss lacquer

?        selected 5A-class mahogany ? max. weight 3950 gram! (8 lb and 9.5685 oz)

?        Lifton ?59 Reissue case

?        Certificate of authenticity (COA)

?        Certificate of CITES

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