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We probably spent more time on research and development for the TELEX pickups than on any other of our pickups. The Telecaster® depends on a great sounding bridge pickup, maybe more than any other guitar. So we wanted to get it absolutely right. After testing numerous different components and their combinations, we believe that we finally hit the jackpot. Not only do we use different AlNiCo pole pieces for the bass and treble strings of the TELEX bridge pickup, we also use the slightly different magnetic field of beveled poles for the bass side to enhance the tightness and focus on the lower strings. Most Telecaster® players never use their neck pickup and see it as a lackluster add-on. Not so with the TELEX neck! Wound with super rare and 60 year old NOS 43 AWG wire to exact Blackguard specs, the TELEX neck sparkles and blooms. Don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly using your Tele's neck pickup! Both TELEXes are wax potted in our gentle “sous vide” gadgetry to minimize unwanted inharmonic feedback without affecting the musicality of the pickups. Make no mistake – the TELEX set is a fiery tone generator that is strongly inspired by the early Blackguard pickups. Like all other VIP pickups, the TELEX set is hand wound in Beverly, MA USA!

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