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 V.I.P. "Lovers-Set" Aufgrund grosser Nachfrage momentan ausverkauft. Deshalb können auch keine neuen Pre-Order mehr angenommen bis im November 2019. V.I.P. Pickups werden von Hand in einem Einmannbetrieb in den USA hergestellt.  Auslieferung nach Bestellungseingang. Udo Pipper schreibt in der Ausgabe Gitarre&Bass 7/2019, Juli über diese Pickups.

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NEW: Now the LOVERS? don't only sound like the best PAFs. No expense was spared to make them look like real PAFs, too. VIP vintage authentic butyrate bobbins (made in-house), vintage braided wire leads, rough cryo-tuned AlNiCo magnets (made to our specs, based on a mass spec analysis of an AlNiCo magnet in our own '59 Gibson P90), etc. Add PAF replica covers based on a 3D scan of an original PAF cover, custom made for us by a small family owned business in the Midwest.  

The Vintage Inspired Pickups LOVERS? are the culmination of my lifelong pursuit for the ideal vintage PAF humbucking sound I couldn't get out of my head since I first heard Clapton play a Burst through a cranked Marshall amp.??Musical, dynamic, transparent, but also raunchy - with enough power to stand out in the mix. Or, in other words, simply inspiring!??Designed and hand wound by VIP in Beverly, USA, our pickups are made of highest quality components, sourced in the USA and Europe specifically for this set. Cryo-tuning, a technique unique to VIP (patent-pending), enhances the performance and longevity of your new pickups.

? Specs o approx. 7.4 kOhm (Buddy-Bucker) and 6.5 kOhm (Sara-Bucker) o 42 AWG Plain Enamel wire (Made in Germany to our specs, based on a mass spec analysis of '57 Gibson PAF wire) o cryo-treated AlNiCo magnets (Made in USA to our specs, based on an AlNiCo magnet from a '59 Gibson P90) o not wax-potted o vintage correct 2 stranded braided wire (4 conductor leads optional) o VIP butyrate bobbins (made in house with our own molds, based on the 3D scan of '57 PAF bobbins) o VIP PAF replica covers (optional; made in Indiana, US; based on a 3D scan of the cover of a '57 Gibson PAF)

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