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Here's our newest addition to the VIP family!

Building upon the classic VIP Honeybucker, this new humbucker is destined for the bridge position if a little more "meat" is required. Like the classic Honeybucker, the HB PLUS is wound with 42 AWG plain enamel AND polyurethan isolated copper wire, combining the best of both worlds: the sweetness and depth of PE and the faster attack and clarity of PU. But we tweaked it to add some more punch, attack, aggressiveness, without sacrificing the sweet character of the Honeybucker.

Designed and hand wound by VIP in Beverly, USA, our pickups are made of highest quality components, sourced in the USA and Europe specifically for this set. Our unique cryo-tuning process (patent-pending) optimizes the magnetic field and thus dynamics and performance of the pickup. The Honeybucker is sold as single pickup. Add a VIP LOVERS Sara-Bucker for a killer set!

Specs approx. 7.8 kOhm 42 AWG Plain Enamel (Made in Germany to our specs) & Polyurethan wire (Made in USA) mismatched coils cryo-treated AlNiCo magnets (Made in USA to our specs) not wax-potted authentic vintage braided wire leads

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