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Vintage P90s are our favorite pickups. There's that. We love them ... so of course we had to make one. The VIP90 is our take on the P90 in our own beloved 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior. Need we say more? Yes? Okay, cryo-tuned output is en par with the output of our vintage P90. Add some grit and dirt, and there you are. But wait! Wanna play some clean tunes, too? No problem, just turn down the volume pot on your guitar and go surfin'. We recommend using one of our 550k VIPots as volume pot together with a 22 nF cap and either a 280k or another 550k tone VIPot for the VIP90. A 550k VIPot tone pot can give you some extra clear headroom and may be advantageous in some darker sounding mahogany guitars. Proudly designed, hand wound, and cryo-tuned by VIP in Beverly, MA USA!


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