HYBRIDge-L-59NA ABR-'59 "No Wire" Vintage Spec Bridge, pat. pend. Locking System: Nickel plated,

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ABRL"Tone-Lock" Bridge: Locking Bridge For GibsonTM Historics (ABR-1), Nashville Replacement & Imports 4mm
additional HYBRIDGE features: Lower saddles: 3x titanium natural; Treble saddles: 3x brass natural, aged finish
NOTE:  Nashville style posts equipped guitars - require Faber BSWKIT; NSWKIT or iNsert to use locking ABRL!

Same features as our standard "No Wire" bridges -PLUS- Pro Sustainer System patent pending technology locks bridge to studs for superior sustain - guaranteed!!! The best locking bridge solution on the market and the only one that actually increases sustain, using our exclusive Tone-Lock technology. A simple set screw, as used on competitive products, doesn't compare! Comes with two pairs of sleeve nuts, inch and metric. So it's usable for both original GibsonTM ABR-1 bridge existing posts (Inch thread) and import 4MM posts equipped guitars (Metric thread).
Brass saddles (natural, nickel and gold plated) have starter notches dead center.

Introducing the HYBRIDge™. Where innovation meets tradition by combining titanium saddles for the wound strings, and natural brass for the plain strings. Using titanium gets rids of the muddiness that can sometimes occur on the lower strings. Combined with the warmth of traditional brass saddles for the plain strings, the HYBRIDge™ creates a more balanced, focused tone for your guitar! Available in Gloss Nickel, or Aged Nickel.



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