Corsa Premium Guitar Manalishi MAN #090

Artikelnummer: 690

Finish: Dirty Lemon Burst; Neck Shape: '50 neck; Weight: 3.40 Kg

Kategorie: CORSA

€ 3750,00

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The Corsa Guitar - The BEST guitar tone you will every hear! The BEST Tone ever produced by a "solid body" humbucker guitar! We challenge you to find a better sounding humbucker equipped guitar. We haven't found one yet. If you find a better sounding guitar, buy it. Our customers' testimonials attest to the fact that when a Corsa guitar arrives, it sounds better than any other guitar they own. The combination of our unique proprietary chambering, Manalishi? pickups, finish and hardware produces a tone-machine that is louder, more resonant and sustains longer than traditional guitars. We don't sell products...we sell TONE!

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