Corsa Manalishi #086 Manalishi with a stunning Top. One of the Best i`ve ever see. No chambered. SOLID BODY Dirty Lemon Burst, ?50s neck, 9 lbs., 10 oz. (4.37 Kg.). With Certificate and Case. One of the last Manalishis Manalishi Build Specifications TOP: Solid Maple,one piece, with ?50?s deep dish? carve, flat 1.2 degree pickup plane BODY: Honduran mahogany, one piece, no chambering, No. #086 without Chambering NECK: Honduran mahogany, one piece, long tenon NECK PROFILE:?50s profile Average measurements 1st, 7th, 12th frets: ?59: .887?/.949?/.987? ?50: .820?/.917?/.964? ?60: .814?/.873?/.899? FRETBOARD: rosewood, celluloid pearl fret markers TRUSS ROD: 2-Way adjustable FINISH: ?NTN (Next to Nothing) Aged? light relic satin finish HEADSTOCK: Holly overlay, ?Corsa? inlaid with celluloid pearl NUT: Tusq w/permanent lubrication TUNERS: Faber® Deluxe PICKUPS: Manalishi? Humbucking Pickups POTS: CTS TVT (?True Vintage Taper?) audio 500K, short shaft CAPS: Orange Drop, .022 KNOBS: 2 Bell, 2 Foil Top BRIDGE: Faber® HYBRIDge? ABRL Tone-Lock? Bridge (titanium saddles on wound strings, natural brass on plain strings BRIDGE POSTS: Faber® BSWKIT TAILPIECE: Faber® TP-?59 lightweight aluminum TAILPIECE STUDS: Faber® Tone-Lock vintage steel CASE: Faber Lifton Case *Specifications subject to change, without notice.
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