ABRM-59BA ABR-'59 "No Wire" Vintage Spec Bridge,fits 4mm studs, Nickel plated, brass saddles, aged

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ABR-’59 “No Wire” Vintage Spec Bridge:  For guitars with w/4MM bridge posts

Perhaps the most vintage correct replacement bridge available on the market today! No rattle-causing retainer wire! Increased sustain and pick attack due to the brass saddles being countersunk from a solid piece of brass – not cast! Flat top saddles provide tight, 100% mechanical contact in the ABR frame. Available in various frame and saddle finishes, including TITANIUM saddles (nickel plated frame only)! Saddles (natural, nickel and gold plated) have starter notches dead center.
Note: Use with existing 4MM style posts/wheels, or our BSWKIT/NSWKIT steel studs and thumbwheels.
For use on original ABR-1 (6-32) style posts, check other category.

NEW!!! Now with removable saddles!

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